Since 1998 IB Deutschland GmbH is partner of the industry.


For more then 10 years we deliver to many international

mechanical engineering companies products and elements,

which they need in the daily production as well as for special purposes.

If problems in the material procurement appears,

we try to find a solution for our customers.

  1. spare parts for construction machinery
  2. Bearings, ball joints, Needle bearings  etc...
  3. Colors, Paints and special coating materials
  4. ISO,DIN, MSZ and other standard parts
  5. high- grade steel
  6. All kind of hoses
  7. Packing Material
  8. Tires and tubes
  9. chains and wire ropes
  10. all kind of tools
  11. machine tools and accessories
  12. and much more

Please give us your confidence !